DP World Maputo is on track in expanding the container terminal’s capacity to 1 million TEU

DP World Maputo is truly well placed to be the facilitator for global trade, while ensuring everything we do has a long-lasting positive impact on the economy and society.


Our plans support long-term growth requirements for the region and the capacity we intend to put in place will be expandable and sufficient to cater to the growth for the foreseeable future.

Terminal Specification


Phase 3a (2020)

Phase 3b (2022)


0.35mil TEU´s

0.50 mil TEU´s

1mill TEU's

Quay Length

308 meters

655 meters

655 meters


330 meters

330 meters

330 meters

Terminal Size

15 Hectares

17 Hectares

30 Hectares

Depth Alongside

12 Meters C.D

16 Meters C.D

16 Meters C.D

Container Yard

2,450 TEU Ground Slots

2,450 TEU Ground Slots

5,000 TEU Ground Slots

Rail Siding

4 x 375 m

4 x 375 m

4 x 750 m

Reefer Points 

600 Points (415V, 3 Phase AC)

600 Points (415V, 3 Phase AC)

800 Points (415V, 3 Phase AC)



3 STS (65m outreach), 3 MHC

6 STS (65m outreach)

Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes


12 RTG

24 RTG

Capability and Capacity:

We are pursuing aggressively to develop Maputo as a viable gateway by augmenting our capability and capacity.

We now have a terminal with a capacity of 0.35 million TEU.

DP World Maputo is undertaken a significant capacity augmentation exercise to put in place the capacity and capability to cater to the demand from the South African hinterland region. The plans entail: 

Wharf: 308m Wharf completed by 2018.

Next phase is to expand to 655m (Year - 2020). Our berth is current 12m; we will refurbish the berth to move the berth pocket down to 16m.the channel is already at 14.2 CD.

(August 2017)

(February 2018)

Quay Cranes: Deployment of 3 x 65m outreach super post panamax cranes – estimate to be deployed by H2-2018.

Pavement: RTG service stacking yard with a capacity of 0.35 million TEU Completed. The next phase is to expand to 0.50million TEU stacking capacity (Year - 2020).

Rail Lines: 4x325 meter rail track to enable seamless rail connectivity. Siding completed by Jun-2017.

Gate: Sufficient lanes, as required.

DP World is positioned to be a viable, reliable and effective gateway to the regional hinterland with direct main line connections.

Additionally, it has the opportunity to be great regional hub for shipping lines and with the dredging project for the Port of Maputo is slated for completion, larger vessels can use the Port of Maputo as a hub served with larger vessels.